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Do You Support? An Instrusive 10th Grade History Assignment in White Bear Lake

The below homework, Do You Support? was assigned in a 10th grade history class at White Bear Lake.

Students were instructed to indicate with a "yes" or "no" their position on these issues.
Beside the student's work, parents were to indicate their positions with a "yes" or "no".

While it is a worthwhile activity for kids to explore and think about various political opinions, they should never be graded on their ideology--one way or another! It is also very intrusive to start asking about what parents believe in. Activities like a self-test may have their place in a government or civics class, but their role should be limited and well explained, and the results of such quizes should be primarily to help the students think about their own ideology. Such results should never serve as the basis for a grade.

The unedited homework assignment is below

Do You Support...

  • Government involvement in providing health insurance to people who cannot afford it?

  • The federal government providing entitlement programs to the poor and/or uneducated? Such as low-income housing, free training programs, food stamps, etc.

  • Current ban on assault weapons?

  • Using evidence justly obtained without a search warrant?

  • Giving police more power?

  • Trying juveniles involved in serious crimes as adults?

  • Death penalty?

  • More environmental protection laws?

  • Mandatory moments of silence ins schools?

  • Making it illegal to burn the U.S. Flag?

  • Regulation of some music lyrics?

  • Making abortion illegal except in cases for rape or to save the mother's life?

  • School vouchers? (government education money to parents to use to pay for student's going to private schools)

  • Expanding government college loan and financial aid programs?

  • Federal government support and involvement in improving the quality of our education system?

  • Lowering taxes before the budget is balanced?

  • Minimum wage level?

  • Government taking responsibility to force businesses/employers to provide safe work environments?

  • Government taking responsibility to force business/employers to practice "fair" and nondiscriminatory" labor practices?

  • Government taking responsibility to force business/employers to provide basic health care insurance and family leave?

  • A flat income tax rate? (everyone pay the same tax percentage on their income)

  • Agricultural subsidies and price supports?

  • Business and manufacturing subsidies?

  • U.S. taking an active role in promoting and supporting democracy and freedom throught the world?

  • Seriously limiting immigration to the United States?

  • Less power to the federal government and more power to the state governments?

  • A substantial reduction of many government programs, regulations, and taxes?

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