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Private Schools and the Federal Curriculum

August 27th, 2002

Dear Private School Principal,

Maple River Education Coalition (MREdCo) is a non-profit organization of parents, teachers, business leaders and citizens from across Minnesota. Our membership includes parents with children enrolled in public schools, private schools and home schools.

You may be familiar with the new federal curriculum that is now required in all public schools in our country. Federal laws first passed in 1994 have redefined the purpose of education and the role of the federal government in creating local curriculum.

This new federal curriculum presents a number of significant questions for non-public schools.

How do the planners of this new education system intend to bring non-public students into the program? How will this restructured public education system affect non-public education?

How much of the federal curriculum is non-academic values rather than genuine knowledge-based, academic education? Do state and federal education assessments measure a curriculum of values, attitudes and beliefs? Is this curriculum contrary to the mission and belief system of non-public schools?

Will state and federal money and grants to private schools come with strings attached? How might vouchers impact curriculum and autonomy of private schools?

Are textbooks being revised to be aligned with the new public curriculum? Are nationally norm-referenced achievement tests and college entrance exams being aligned with the federal government curriculum? Will this affect the scores of non-public students and those applying for college?

We believe it is urgent that non-public educators understand what the new education system has in store for all children. Please join us in learning about the implications of the government required curriculum in schools today at our September 14 Conference "The New Profile of Learning: Just Say No!".

Conference tickets are $20 per person, $35 per married couple and $15 for students. If you wish to promote your school, display tables are available for $75. We expect an attendance of about 1,000 people from all areas of the state. Our keynote speaker, Phyllis Schlafly, is widely renowned for her work in education for many years. If you have further questions regarding the conference, please call our office at 651-646-0646.

John Scribante
MREdCo President

P.S. For more information on these subjects, visit our website at www.edwatch.org or ask to receive our email updates at MREdCo@mcleodusa.net


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