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When the Monkeys Came Back: Educating Environmentalists

June 3, 2003

Unit 5 - Animal World - Plan V - Scholastic Inc.
(Assigned for a 2nd grade communications class in Milaca, MN)

How did she feel?
Instructions: Read each sentence. Fill in the bubbles next to the words that best tell about the authorís message. ("Correct" answers are starred.***)

How did Dona Marta feel about the forest being cut down?
She was sad because the monkeys went away.***
She was happy because she got a new dress.
She didnít know that they had cut the forest down

Why did the monkeys leave the valley?
There were too many birds
They wanted to go to the beach.
Their forest was gone.***

How did Dona Marta feel about the forest?
She didnít like all of the dirt.
She thought it was too noisy.
She loved it and missed it when it was gone.***

Why did the monkeys come back?
They were hungry.
Dona Marta replanted the forest.***
They missed Dona Marta.


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