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Alert! Right to Vote Their Consciences

May 21, 2003

You have made a huge difference this year at the legislature. Your calls and your emails, your visits, your involvement has brought us to the repeal of the Profile of Learning and much, much more.

But the special session is just about over and we urgently need your help.

A deal has been struck to bind all of the Republican Senators' votes on ALL of the major legislation. In exchange DFL support for the Governor's tax plan, no Republican Senators are "allowed" to vote "no" on the tax bill or on any major spending bill.

The deal was made without consulting any Senators!!

Tax Free Businesses:
There is trouble in the Senate Republican caucus over the Tax Free Businesses provision. (They call it "Tax Free Zones.") At least one Republican may be forced to vote against the tax bill for conscience reasons on the "Tax Free Businesses."

Is a state-planned economy coming to Minnesota? The answer is "yes," if so-called "tax-free" zones pass in the coming weeks. They are not zones at all, but simply tax free businesses. They are tied to the School-to-Work (Career & Technical) system that is being implemented throughout Minnesota.

But Senators are not "allowed" to vote no, according to a deal between the Governor and Senate majority Leader Hottinger.

The Republican leadership cannot FORCE elected legislators to vote against their consciences -- to vote FOR "Tax Free Businesses,"

The bill to create "tax free businesses" is rolled into the final tax bill. That bill is now in conference committee and it will be sent back to both House and Senate for approval ANY TIME!

You can help:

1. Call the Governor ASAP! (651) 296-3391 (800) 657-3717 e-mail Rep. Ron Abrams, Chair of the House Tax Committee. Tell him to tell the Governor to take the tax free businesses out of the tax bill and let it be voted on separately.

3. Call (651-296-5975) or Find your Senator or Representative.


Excerpt from alert of April 26, 2003, Tax Free Twilight Zone. Also see Q&A on Tax Free Businesses.

Just as the radical promoters and developers of the Profile of Learning marketed their product under the false title of "high standards," our state legislature is about to embark on selling the public a planned economy under the false title of "tax free zones."

The legislation's title, "tax free zones," implies a level playing field for all businesses in a "zone." However, faster than you can say, "Johnny can't read but he can bag farm chemicals," non-elected governmental appointees, by their own admission, will be picking the "winners and losers" (which "businesses" will qualify).

Is a state-planned economy coming to Minnesota? Will it involve government-preferred industries, government-chosen businesses, and local schools restructured to provide entry-level labor training to meet local needs? Yes, if the so-called "tax-free" zones bill is passed into law in the few remaining days of this session.

Thank you for this final urgent push to defend the right of elected Senators to vote their conscience.


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