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Profile Gets Failing Grade

May 9, 2002

Profile Gets Failing Grade
Letter to the Editor from the Star Tribune

After another attempt in the state Legislature to eliminate the disastrous Profile of Learning, a University of Minnesota survey added to the reasons to scrap it ("Teachers still divided on value of Profile of Learning," May 2).

Over half of the teachers reported that the profile had decreased their joy of teaching and 82 percent said it increased their class preparation time.

We're not talking about preparation being used to do a better job of teaching our children genuine knowledge, but the huge amount of time spent on often-useless performance packages and required state record keeping and documentation.

This U of M survey complements others that show teacher disdain for the profile.

Imagine going to a restaurant in which almost every single server objects to the terrible food on the menu. At least in such a restaurant the customers could walk out and the manager would get the message.

With the Profile of Learning, however, the children have no choice but to submit to a federal-and state-mandated system of education that is a fiasco. Get rid of it -- we need a new menu.

-- David Thompson, executive director, Maple River Education Coalition, St. Paul.


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