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Profile Goes to Conference Committee:
Education in Minnesota hangs in the Balance

May 12, 2003

The Senate and the House are now deliberating between the House and the Senate version of the Profile of Learning replacement. The Senate bill "modifies" ( that is, re-inserts) the existing Profile. The House bill repeals it.

Advocates for the Profile are cranking up the heat. Profile advocates are primarily those who have a financial stake in its continuation. They may not have grassroots, citizen support, but they command a huge network of the "education cartel," those who believe they should decide what's best for our children.

Below are contacts you can make right now! The legislators have been appointed to the Conference Committee. Only ten legislators will make this momentous decision. Profile advocates are lobbying the legislators that only "reasonable decision" is to merge the two philosophies.

If we want to repeal the Profile, we cannot merge the two approaches to education. (See "Kersten Reviews MN Senate Standards")

The first meeting of the conference committee was to be at 5:00 p.m today, but it was cancelled due to scheduling problems.

Please Act Now! Call the Governor, the Speaker of the House, and the House and Senate Conferees. They play a central role in what conferees will accept.

Governor: Ask the Governor to tell the legislature that he will not accept a Profile Clone. Combining the Senate Standards with the House repeal is not a repeal!

Speaker: Tell Speaker Sviggum that to accept a "blending" of Kelley's bill with the House repeal that would not be a repeal of the Profile!

Governor Pawlenty
(651) 296-3391 (800) 657-3717 tim.pawlenty@state.mn.us

Speaker Sviggum 651-296-2273 rep.steve.sviggum@house.mn

House Conferees: Tell them that to accept a "blending" of Kelley's bill with the House repeal that would not be a repeal of the Profile!

Senate Conferees: Tell them their repeal is not a real repeal of the Profile. They need to accept the House repeal! They cannot "blend" the Kelley standards with the House Repeal.

  • Rep. Mark Buesgens (651) 296-5185 rep.mark.buesgens@house.mn
  • Rep. Tony Kielkucki (651) 296-1534 rep.tony.kielkucki@house.mn
  • Rep. Barb Sykora (651) 296-4315 rep.barb.sykora@house.mn
  • Rep. Alice Seagren (651) 296-7803 rep.alice.seagren@house.mn
  • Rep. Paul Marquart (651) 296-6829 rep.paul.marquart@house.mn
  • Sen. Steve Kelley (651) 297-8065 sen.steve.kelley@senate.mn
  • Sen. Rod Skoe (651) 296-4196 sen.rod.skoe@senate.mn
  • Sen. Thomas Bakk (651) 296-8881 sen.tom.bakk@senate.mn
  • Sen. Wes Skoglund (651) 296-4274 sen.wes.skoglund@senate.mn
  • Sen. Ellen Anderson (651) 296-5537 sen.ellen.anderson@senate.mn
  • Majority Leader Sen. John Hottinger (651) 296-6153 sen.john.hottinger@senate.mn *******

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