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Alert: Profile Showdown This Friday

April 30, 2003

The showdown over repeal of the Profile of Learning on the Senate floor is scheduled for this Friday, May 2nd when the Education Omnibus bill is scheduled to be voted on. Make those contacts now, by telephone, e-mail or by personal visits. If you've contacted them before, do it again!
  • The House passed a very good repeal. It does repeal the Profile.
  • The Senate Education Omnibus bill (Senator Kelley's version) does not repeal the Profile of Learning.
  • Please vote not to the Senate (Kelley) language.
  • Please vote yes to the House language to repeal the Profile of Learning.

    It's simple:
    Senate language on the Profile -- NO!
    House language on the Profile -- YES!

    This is the last chance that Senators will have in this session to vote to repeal the Profile of Learning. Last chance!

    If they accept the Senate language as it is now, if they reject the amendment that will be offered to substitute the House language that really repeals the Profile, then the Profile repeal will be forced to be negotiated in conference committee. Then a small group of Senators and Representative will try to blend the Profile of the Senate with the Profile repeal of the House. It should just be repealed. Just say NO to the Profile of Learning.

    The proponents of the Profile Clone in the Senate like to describe their language as a moderate compromise. In fact, it is a Profile of Learning on steroids. (See "Kelley's Mother of all Profiles")

    Governor Pawlenty called the Senate bill "nothing more than warmed-over Profile offerings," according to the Star Tribune. "In many respects it [the Kelley bill] appears to build 'Profile II, the Sequel,' "Pawlenty said on April 14th.

    The Education Omnibus bill is scheduled first on the agenda of the Senate which convenes at 9:00 a.m. on Friday. However, the order of the agenda can change. There are three major bills being considered in the Senate on Friday. What they don't finish on Friday will be completed on Saturday.

    Under those circumstances, it's hard to urge a crowd to show up, though we'd LOVE to have the place packed for the debate. If you want to be there, Please come! Call us at the office if you can hold a sign outside the Senate Chambers if the Profile debate is delayed from the first agenda item. Wear your "Stop the Profile" buttons.

    But more than being there, contact all DFL Senators. They need to hear from ALL of you.


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