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MN Senate Votes 33 - 33 to KEEP the Profile


April 22, 2002

The Minnesota Senate did it again. As they have for the past four years, the Senate turned back an effort to repeal the Profile of Learning, this time in a squeaker. In the ongoing shame of the Minnesota Senate, the Profile was left intact on a tie vote!

Following up on last week's overwhelming House vote to repeal the Profile of Learning, Senator Dan Stevens brought up a motion on the Senate floor this morning to "concur" with the House -- to agree to a repeal of the Profile. Twenty-three state Senators voted to hang on, to protect the failing Profile against the rising tide of anger, frustration and disgust from the public.

But Another Vote is Likely!

This is the amendment:


...the commissioner of children, families and learning must not implement the profile of learning portion of the state's results- oriented graduation rule and all rules under Minnesota Rules, chapter 3501, related to the profile of learning portion of the state's results-oriented graduation rule described in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 120B, are repealed."

This is an important kick-off to the 2002 election season.

This being election year, please take the following votes into consideration.

All of these Senators voted to keep the Profile of Learning: Anderson, Berglin, Betzold, Chaudhary, Cohen, Foley, Fowler, Higgins, Hottinger, Johnson Dave, Johnson Dean, Johnson Doug, Kelly S. P., Kinkel, Krentz, Lourey, Marty, Metzen, Moe R.D., Moua, Orfield, Pappas, Pogemiller, Price, Ranum, Ring, Robertson, Sabo, Scheid Solon Y.P., Stumpf, Tomassoni, Wiener.

Find their listings .

Or call the Senate Information office: (651) 296-0504 and (651) 296-2887.

And stay tuned!

From the Star Tribune:

"The rule has been the subject of repeated repeal efforts in the House and has depended on stronger support in the Senate. But Monday, the House's latest repeal proposal produced a dramatic scene in the Senate, where the repeal was rejected on a tie vote -- and only after three Profile supporters rushed into the room late.

"Sen. Sandy Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, one of the three senators who cast last-minute votes, had hoped to recuperate at home from jet lag. But she was summoned by Senate leaders when it appeared a repeal might pass.

"Profile opponents say the repeal bid may be resurrected before session's end.

"'You have to wonder why they [Profile supporters] are taking almost heroic efforts to preserve the Profile of Learning,' said Sen. Warren Limmer, R-Maple Grove, a longtime critic of the graduation rule."

"In previous years, Senate votes to kill or weaken the Profile have offered tense moments, with a single-vote difference once appearing on the voting board. On Monday, the board was left open for about 45 minutes as senators waited for those absent to get there and to vote.

"During much of the time, repeal was favored, 33 to 30.

"Pappas arrived to cut the margin to 33 to 31. Then Sen. Myron Orfield, DFL-Minneapolis, who like Pappas and Lessard had been excused for the day, joined Sen. Steve Kelley, DFL-Hopkins, in forcing the 33 to 33 tie."

"Pappas, who heads the Senate Education Committee and who returned to Minnesota on Monday after spending three weeks with her daughter and new granddaughter in Israel, said she had heard no Profile criticisms this year.

"But Limmer said he has heard plenty and that Monday's margin proves that more colleagues are listening as well."


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