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Profile Under Attack

April 21, 2002

With the election nipping at their heels, MN House members once more voted to repeal the Profile of Learning. For four years running, the Minnesota House of Representatives has voted on the side of dumping the radical reinvention of education in Minnesota.

The following amendment was proposed to another piece of legislation:


...the commissioner of children, families and learning must not implement the profile of learning portion of the state's results- oriented graduation rule and all rules under Minnesota Rules, chapter 3501, related to the profile of learning portion of the state's results-oriented graduation rule described in Minnesota Statutes, chapter 120B, are repealed."

On the question of the amendment, there were 109 yeas and 22 nays, and the amendment was adopted. Those who voted in the negative (that is, those who would not repeal the Profile) were:

Biernat, Davnie, Dibble, Entenza, Folliard, Gleason, Greiling, Huntley, Johnson S., Kahn, Koskinen, Murphy, Wagenius, Clark K., Evans, Hausman, Kelliher, McGuire Paymar, Sertich, Skoglund, Walker

Contrary to rumors flying everywhere, the Profile of Learning has not been "abolished." All legislation must pass both the House and the Senate and be signed into law by the Governor. If the Governor vetoes the legislation, his veto may be overridden by a two-thirds vote of both House and Senate.

It is very likely that the Senate will take up the question tomorrow, Monday, April 22nd. Once again, we will see in this election year if the Senate is still wedded to the Profile. Each year, the majority in the Senate, with the help of Republican Senator Martha Robertson, walks down that aisle with the Profile of Learning, saying "I do," leaving our kids under its low level requirements and outcome based behavior modification programming.


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