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Chamber backs Profile of Learning

April 14, 2003

"If the DFL and the MN Chamber are successful in misleading the public about the Kelley bill, we will not get a repeal of the Profile through the Legislature this year!"

The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce has come down on the side of the phony Profile Repeal. In the Chamber Legislative Update of April 4th the Chamber states: "S.F. 639 repeals the Profile of Learning and proposes replacement academic standards."

In reality, S.F. 639 repeals the Profile in name, then puts the radical content standards of the Profile back into place. S.F. 639 uses a revision of the Profile that was created by Commissioner Jax before the election of 2002. (See a review of the S.F. 639 phony Profile repeal. Senator Kelley is the chief author.)

The Chamber doesn't so much as mention the House of Representatives H.F. 2 that passed the House almost unanimously last February. H.F. 2 genuinely repeals the Profile and sets up a process for establishing new standards, a process that Commissioner Yecki and Minnesotans across the state have been working on for weeks. Fourteen public hearing have been held on the new standards since mid-March, opening the process to wide public input and review. H.F. 2 needs a vote on the Senate floor!

You wouldn't know H.F. 2 or its Senate version S.F. 60 existed by reading the MN Chamber website.

Senator Kelly and the DFL Senate leadership are aware that in the last election, people voted for a Governor and for majorities of legislators who promised to repeal the Profile of Learning. For that reason Profile advocates have come up with a nasty public deception -- repealing the name, but putting the Profile back in by law.

They truly intend to hide behind a fraud. They will tell the public that they '"voted to repeal the Profile," when they have voted for the very same radical content that comes home in the backpacks of students under the Profile. (See, "Same Book, Different Cover? or, No Thanks to the Profile Clone,"). They know that most media outlets will cover for them. The media has always covered for the Profile.

The Chamber, unfortunately, has consistently supported the Profile of Learning over the years. They have apparently not changed their tune. Most amazing is their unwillingness to acknowledge the action of the House. Not only this year, but every year since the Profile was imposed in 1994, the House has voted for its repeal. (The link to the "Legislative Update" page mysteriously disappeared from the front page of the Chamber site over the weekend. You can still get there by going directly to the address listed above.)

We recommend you contact your local chambers to express your opinion. You can also reach the MN state Chamber at
ph 651.292.4650
ph 800.821.2230

The following letter appeared in today's Star Tribune. Whoever the writer is, he has the right idea:

Star Tribune
To the Editor:
Delay and the Profile

The DFL Party's strategy on repealing the Profile of Learning leaves a real bad taste in my mouth. It seems they are using procedural tactics and political maneuvering to avoid giving the people of Minnesota what they want.

It's clear that the Profile cannot and will not work in the schools, and that the measurement of social opinions and political correctness is not what the people or teachers want in educational guidelines. Yet the DFL has put repeal in committee and introduced another bill that also repeals the Profile, but keeps its social agenda standards.

It's as if they see that in their desire to indoctrinate the children to their agenda, they have taken too big of a leap by discussing it as educational standards. They have been caught and the people have spoken, so they are taking a less aggressive stab at the same thing: Slip in some requirements about the social and political beliefs of the students.

Schools are supposed to be teaching kids to read, write, work mathematics, understand the history and heritage of our country and the world, think critically and weigh facts.

I hope and pray that the DFL leaders will stop playing games and work out a system of academic -- not social -- standards and move the bill on so our teachers and schools can get back to their very important and honorable duties.

David Durry, Burnsville.


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