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More on Senator Kelley's Profile Clone

March 10, 2003

View SF 639, Sen. Kelley's Profile Clone

Senator Kelley has introduced S.F. 639, which we have referred to as a clone of the Profile of Learning.

How is S.F. 639 the Profile of Learning all over again?

1. S.F. 639 would explicitly base the "new" Minnesota standards on the "national" standards, the very same foundation of the old Profile of Learning standards.

2. S.F. 639 would require that schools use "performance assessments." The Department re-named Performance Packages "Performance Assessments" a couple of years ago. Nothing changed but the name, so teachers continue to refer to the "performance assessments" as "performance packages." These are your required project-based learning that have drowned students in busy work and overwhelmed teachers in paperwork.

3. S.F. 639 would require that the state create "curriculum framework and test specification documents" for local decision-making in curriculum and local assessments. This is the Profile state mandates for redefining teaching and testing all over again.

4. S.F. 639 would require that national and international School-to-Work standards be included in state standards. This was embedded in the Profile.

5. S.F. 639 would require that the Commissioner recommend to the legislature next year:

a. whether results of performance assessments (packages) should be included on high school transcripts;
b. what programs of the Profile of Learning could be incorporated into Minnesota's "new" standards;
c. how the attitudes and values incorporated into the Profile (by substituting process for knowledge) can be incorporated into the "new" standards;
d. how the state would guide local school curriculum development, again putting state and federal bureaucrats essentially in charge in the classroom; and
e. what performance assessments (packages) would best line up with what the state would expect.

S.F. 639 is not a repeal of the Profile of Learning, and it should not be called a repeal.


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