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2010 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        6/01/10: Opposition to Federal Curriculum Helps Put Brakes on Race to the Top
        5/19/10: Legislative Wrap-Up: Overall, Liberty Stands
        5/16/10: Global Education/Global Government at the Door
        5/15/10: MN House Rejects Common Core, But Not Race to the Top
        5/08/10: Senate Committee Adopts Core Standards
        4/30/10: House Committee Rejects Common Core and Race to the Top
        4/25/10: You're Invited May 6th
        4/22/10: Horrific Common Core Standards Move Forward
        4/14/10: EdWatch Featured at the Milaca Tea Party
        3/19/10: Minnesota Legislators Resist Race to the Top
        3/16/10: Horrific Bills Continue Crable Control
        2/22/10: "Parental Rights: It's Now or Never" -- Thursday, February 25, 2010
        2/20/10: DFL Bills Promote Mental Health Curricula, Continue Child Care Takeover
        2/05/10: Race to the Top: Federal Control of Education on Steroids
        1/17/10: Florida 10th Amendment Center: States rushing for "Race to the Top" federal funds.

2009 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        11/09/09: Home Visiting in Health Care Bills Promotes Government Intrusion into Homes
        10/28/09: What Does It mean To Be Free: Event
        8/10/09: Archeological Research on Vikings Disproves Global Warming
        7/29/09: Obama Administration To Impose Liberal UN Curriculum
        7/17/09: Ancient Map Disproves Global Warming
        7/04/09: EdWatch at 10th Annual Freedom21 Conference August 13-15th
        4/24/09: Team Obama's Class Warefare Strategy
        3/31/09: Case Against Preschool
        3/22/09: Nanny State on the March
        2/25/09: 2010-2011 Budget Reduction Recommendations
        2/11/09: 2009 EdWatch Education Policy and Budget Priorities
        2/09/09: State Power Grab Over Private Preschool
        1/28/09: Action on Radical Early Childhood Bills -- SF 72, HF 40, HF 246

2008 Updates From Newest to Oldest:

        9/12/08: ALERT: Environmental Education bill RESCHEDULED
        9/08/08: "Environmental Ed" House Vote Thursday
        7/17/08: Nanny State Bills Expand Government Control Over Families
        7/15/08: The Fed's Cure for "Nature Deficit Discorder" in Our Kids
        6/10/08: 2008 Minnesota Session Education Wrap-Up
        5/30/08: Newsweek's "Best Schools" Propaganda Machine, by Allen Quist
        4/23/08: "Expelled" and Academic Free Speech, by Allen Quist
        3/19/08: Evidence of Harm
        2/24/08: Book Review: Walking Targets: How Our Psychologized Classrooms
            are Producing a Nation of Sitting Ducks, by B.K.Easkman
        2/18/08: International Baccalaureate: A Major Movement to Change Students' Values

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