The Fundementals of School to Work

Minnesota School To Work

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The following quotes and the chart below are taken directly from the Making Connections -- School-To-Work Resource Guide Preparing all Minnesotans for Tomorrow's Careers
From the Minnesota School-To-Work Initiative

'A system for assessing and certifying skills and competencies and knowledge against educational standards is essential.'

'The SCANS definition of workplace know-how, published in 1992 in Learning a Living: A Blueprint for High Performance, has been used as a basis for both School-To-Work planning and for the ongoing process of developing education standards state by state.'

'The SCANS report provided the foundation for the School-To-Work Opportunities Act of 1994, in turn the foundation for the school-to-work, or "school-to-careers," or "cradle-to-career" movement to link learning and earning.'

'School-To-Work systems restructure the educational experience so that students learn how academic subjects relate to the world of work...Students actively develop projects and work in teams, much like the modern workplace.'

'In 1995, the Legislature approved the Minnesota Education and Employment Transitions Act(EET), "to better prepare all learners to make transitions between education and employment, driven by multisector partnerships, with a lifelong approach to workforce development".'

Some of the 'Principles of the Minnesota EET System are: to 'establish standards by which to assess success. The system will be driven by a group of standards (SCANS, Graduation Standards, and occupation-specific standards) with additional focus on citizenship and community responsibility.'

'Value diversity. The system will address the needs and respond to the diversity of all learners.'

'Balance learner and workforce needs.'

'The Secretary's Commission to Achieve Necessary Skills (SCANS) was appointed by the Secretary of Labor...'

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