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Early Childhood Indicators – DCFL

This document contains the statewide standards for early childhood similar to the Profile of learning. It discusses performance-based assessments (Goals 2000 and the Profile of Learning), career awareness and community service for preschoolers (School to Work), gives more responsibility to teachers and daycare workers than to parents, and references a very politically correct curriculum.

State Program Aims to Inject Cultural Correctness into Day Care – Katherine Kersten
This article discusses the draft guidelines that the DCFL attempted to impose on all childcare facilities in the state.

This article and the next one discuss the lack of effectiveness of Head Start despite 35 years and about $44 billion.

It's Time to Stop Head Start by Darcy Olson, Cato Institute

Head Start in Tulsa Mandates Genital Exams - Education Reporter
More evidence that government intervention decreases freedom and parental control.

Universal Child Day Care: The Latest Threat to the Family by  Robin DeJarnette, Family Research Council
An excellent discussion of the attempt to impose a national model of government-run childcare on a state-by-state basis, the problems with public-private partnerships, and the imposition of a politically correct curriculum on children and childcare workers

NAEYC's Anti Bias Curriculum
This curriculum is part of this national organization’s accreditation process and is referenced in the DCFL’s Early Childhood Indicators document. It discusses sexual identity, homophobia, revisionist history, and how to involve young children in political activism.

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The Myth of the First Three Years by John Bruer, The Free Press division of Simon and Schuster, New York, 1999
This is an excellent book that debunks the current hype over brain research that is hijacked by childcare advocates to suggest that universal childcare and preschool would be good for children’s brains. It may be found in bookstores or ordered online from Barnes and Noble or

Parent Trainers Report
This study discusses the expense, lack of effectiveness, and constitutional and privacy problems with infant home
visiting programs

The Tyranny of the Urgent: Where Do Children Fit on our Priority List? – Karen R. Effrem, M.D., Center of the American Experiment
This policy research paper includes a long section on childcare’s developmental and infectious disease problems as well as what has happened in socialist countries like Sweden where large center childcare is almost universal.

Congressional testimony regarding education and health programs and school-based health clinics – Karen R. Effrem, M.D.
This testimony discusses how health, education, and social services are being combined via school-based clinics in the radical restructuring of our society brought about by Goals 2000, School to Work and the Workforce Investment Act.

World Declaration on Education for All – UNESCO
This international agreement to which the United States signed on is the basis for Goals 2000 and School to Work and the radical restructuring of education and the rest of our society.