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"Sustainable Development" Defined

According to the original Earth Charter Sustainable Development includes the following "values and objectives":

1. Belief that Earth is God (Pantheism). (The Earth Charter uses the term "sacred" once,"reverence" twice, and "spiritual" seven times. It includes a promotion of "spiritual education." "Earth" is always capitalized, and it never appears with the article "the." The Earth Charter is housed in the "Arc of Hope," modeled after the Arc of the Covenant.);

2. Evolution;

3. Socialized medicine;

4. Adoption of the "emerging world community" (appears to mean one-world government);

5. Creation of a common world culture, based on the other position statements;

6. Animal rights (viewing animals and people as "kin");

7. Income distribution within nations and among nations;

8. Establishment of "wildlands preserves" (probably referring to the UN Wildlands Project);

9. Creation of "biosphere reserves" (apparently a reference to the UN Biodiversity Treaty);

10. Eradication of GMO (genetically modified) crops harmful to native species (current GMO crops are harmful to insects like root worm and corn borer);

11. Worldwide contraception and "reproductive health" (a term usually meaning abortion rights);

12. Worldwide education for sustainability, including spiritual education (Pantheism);

13. Debt forgiveness for third-world nations;

14. Adoption of "progressive" labor standards worldwide;

15. Adoption of gay rights agenda, which would include gay marriage;

16. The use of the media to promote the sustainability agenda;

17. Elimination of nuclear and allother weapons other than "non-provocative" defensive weapons.

The Earth Charter defines a sustainable way of life "as a common standard by which the conduct of all individuals, organization, businesses, governments, and transnational institutions is to be guided and assessed."


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