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"Uncle Larry's Profile of Learning


I read your latest update regarding "Uncle Larry" and the wonderful projects of the Profile. At the bottom of this update is a picture of a Spanish III project that fulfills the World Language requirement of the Profile. In case you cannot tell, this graham cracker building is a Mexican governmental building. My son and a partner spent hours trying to assemble this thing. To add insult to injury, I had to purchase the supplies. Silly me, I thought you were suppose to learn how to read and speak Spanish in Spanish III--a class comprised of Juniors and Seniors. What a waste of time!

Signed, a "profiled" parent

Excerpts from the update referenced above. (View the entire transcript))

Pelowski: Juniors every week spend the entire week in the House...In the debate on the Profile amendment on the floor I said many of the same things that I've said today-I received a note from one of the pages saying "Thank you Rep. Pelowski for representing us and our viewings toward our education. Thank you." These are from 11th grade student. Now, I may not have learned much in the 26 years I've taught but I know when student voluntarily make an effort to say something, we should listen...they know there's a problem and its their education that is at stake.

Pogemiller: A mother's day back I had two students who happened to be relatives show me projects that happened to be done in their school districts that were incredible. And they said to me, "Is this that Profile thing that everybody keeps talking about?" and I said, "Yes", and they said, "Thank you Uncle Larry".

"You know, they don't call you Senator."

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